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Space Monitoring of Forest Fires: History of the Creation and Development of ISDM-Rosleskhoz

Kotelnikov R.V., Loupian E.A., Bartalev S.A., Ershov D.V.

// Contemporary Problems of Ecology, 2020. 13(7). P. 795-802.

The motivation and short history of the Information System of Remote Monitoring of the Federal Forest Agency of the Russian Federation (ISDM-Rosleskhoz) are documented in this paper. Factors of the formation and development of the system are examined. Solutions of the ISDM-Rosleskhoz were found to allow for the creation of a hierarchical system of verifying data on vast forest fires. The technological breakthrough that occurred in 2015–2018 was associated with the operation of new satellite systems of remote sensing of the Earth. It significantly helped widen the solutions of ISDM-Rosleskhoz, including a decrease in the period of monitoring and near 100% data acquisition to correct the total area burned by a fire using satellite images with a spatial resolution no lower than 10–30 m. Recent demands faced by ISDM-Rosleskhoz include monitoring the fire danger in forests and forest fires, organizing fire protection, and generating uniform and objective information about forest fires and their consequences. The dynamics of distribution of control zones of forest fires (zones of space monitoring of the second level) were shown on a series of maps. ISDMRosleskhoz was shown to be the only such complex system at the federal level in Russia. It provides information support for decision making in the sphere of forest-fire protection. ISDM-Rosleskhoz is a technological platform for creating a system to monitor Russian forest resources, which can be developed in the years to come based on recent methods and technologies of satellite forests monitoring.


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