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Meteorological data analysis capabilities in the “VEGA constellation” information systems family

Uvarov I.A., Marchenkov V.V., Tolpin V.A.

// E3S Web of Conferences. Regional Problems of Earth Remote Sensing (RPERS 2019), 2020. 149. P. 01003.

Satellite monitoring information systems require joint analysis of heterogeneous data, including meteorological data. To solve these problems, IKI RAS developed a technology for automatic acquisition, storage, presentation and analysis of meteorological data. The archive of meteorological data in IKI RAS is maintained within the Center for Collective Use “IKI-Monitoring“. The data is being continuously updated from a number of sources, primarily with the data obtained by the NCEP model. The data is available for visualization on the map in various ways. Plotting provides time series analysis in comparison to other variables such as vegetation indices. The developed technologies have been applied in development of a number of specialized information systems of satellite monitoring of natural and anthropogenic objects.

Ссылка на текст: https://www.e3s-conferences.org/articles/e3sconf/pdf/2020/09/e3sconf_rpers2020_01003.pdf