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Current Capabilities of the "IKI-Monitoring"Center for Collective Use

Proshin A.A., Loupian E.A., Kashnitskii A.V., Balashov I.V., Burtsev M.A.

// CEUR Workshop Proseedings, 2020. Vol. 2534. P. 39-44.

Solution of many scientific and applied problems requires access to long-term archives  of  satellite  data,  as  well  as  considerable  computational  resources  for  data processing  and  analysis.  Building  the  necessary  infrastructure  for  this  is  not  always possible in framework of individual projects. The article gives the description of current capabilities of the “IKI-Monitoring” center, which provides solution for such tasks on the basis of high-performance resources of the data providing center.

Ссылка на текст: http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-2534/06_keynote.pdf